There are three ways to quote the price of LiFePO4 batteries/pack, one is the price of LiFePO4 batteries/pack only, the other is the price of LiFePO4 batteries/pack without protection board, and the last one is the price of adding protection board. The prices of these three methods are completely different. Let’s take a closer look at it.

Only buy LiFePO4 batteries/pack batteries.
Lithium-ion battery cells include brand-new cells and step-up cells. Brand-new cells are new products in the process from raw materials to cost, and step-up cells refer to batteries that are used for secondary use. For example, the LiFePO4 batteries/pack used in new energy vehicles, after the batteries decay to a certain extent, cannot provide power or capacity for the car, but the batteries are not broken, and after certain repairs and adjustments, they can be used in the next level of electrical equipment. Such as communication base station backup power supply, electric bicycles, some 3C products, etc. Therefore, when some people buy batteries, they often find that the quotations of different merchants are a bit different, and some even have a gap between 8 RNB 1Ah and 2 RNB 1Ah. Most of the low quotations are lithium-iron phosphate batteries. Of course, it does not mean that cascade cells are bad, it depends on the specific product application requirements.

Only buy LiFePO4 batteries/pack without a protection board.
Under this form of purchase, there are also differences between brand-new batteries and secondary batteries. Therefore, when purchasing, buyers should first understand whether the price quoted by the battery supplier is the price of new LiFePO4 batteries/pack or the price of secondary batteries. Generally speaking, the price quotation of the echelon battery is almost half of the price of the brand-new battery. LiFePO4 batteries/packs without protection plates are single low-voltage batteries, and the number of parallel and series cells is basically within the range of numbers. Because LiFePO4 batteries/pack cells are not very consistent in terms of consistency, the number of cells that can be used in series and parallel is limited. Generally, the voltage and capacity of this type of battery are not very large, and it is easy to cause problems if it is too large. Generally speaking, the quotations for LiFePO4 batteries/pack cells produced by powerful LiFePO4 batteries/pack manufacturers are basically brand-new batteries, and the price is about 8 RNB per Ah. For manufacturers of cascaded LiFePO4 batteries/packs, the quotation is generally around 6 RNB per 1Ah, and some even around 5 RNB per 1Ah.

LiFePO4 batteries/pack + protection board.
LiFePO4 batteries/pack + protection board, this kind of battery is generally a single battery or a battery pack above 12V, and this type of battery can also be divided into new and second-order batteries. This kind of battery price difference is the same as the second point above. The price difference is mainly on the battery protection board, and the price difference of the battery protection board lies in the difference in function and the cost of components. Therefore, the price of LiFePO4 batteries/pack + protection board will vary greatly due to different manufacturers. But no matter what, when we purchase LiFePO4 batteries/pack, we must first figure out our actual needs, and then choose the product that suits us and maximizes our economic benefits.

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