Energy storage batteries are familiar to all of us. And is one of the most common necessities in our daily life. There is an open market for the batteries. Currently, in the battery market, there are two major applications: power storage and home energy storage. Here we look at the important uses of energy storage batteries.

Voltage regulation (smooth voltage).
As the working characteristics of solar cells are affected by changes in sunlight (irradiation) intensity, temperature, and other factors. Therefore, if the solar cell module is directly connected to the load, the load is often difficult to operate in the best working condition. The system efficiency is very low. However, when the energy storage battery is used as an energy storage battery, it will have a clamp on the working voltage of the solar cell use. Transformation to solar cells to charge the storage battery. Energy storage batteries load smoothly (especially voltage) by the storage battery for energy storage to ensure that the system operates in the best working condition.

Supply instantaneous high-current discharge.
The use of solar photovoltaic systems is expanding. In particular, off-grid solar photovoltaic systems in thousands of homes will be used as power for household appliances such as refrigerators (compressors) to start, electric cars, and electric motors. Because of the start of such electromechanical equipment to high current. Its starting current is often 5 to 10 times the rated operating current. Solar modules in photovoltaic systems are affected by the maximum short-circuit current and the limitation of light intensity. Photovoltaic arrays can hardly cope with the start-up’s current requirements. If the energy storage battery is applied, it can supply a high current to the load to start in an instant.

Storage of electrical energy.
In most off-grid photovoltaic systems, the voltage and current appearing in the photovoltaic cell (solar panel) array arrangement cannot be the same as the load (appliances). Especially when the natural conditions change, cloudy days, rainy days, and light intensity changes at night, PV cells cannot supply a full load of energy. As a result, it is difficult to use the appliances (loads) normally. The energy storage battery for energy storage, and can regulate its energy metabolism. The PV system with an energy storage device can satisfactorily and smoothly supply the required power to the appliances. Therefore, it is necessary to use an energy storage battery to store energy for a PV system.

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