The li-polymer battery has the feature of ultra-thin. It can be matched to the needs of some products and then made into different shapes and capacities. The theoretical minimum thickness is up to 0.5mm.

Compared to li-polymer batteries.
Compared with the li-polymer battery, the characteristics of a lithium polymer battery are as follows.

1) Relatively improve the problem of battery leakage, but not completely improved.

2) It can be made into a thin battery. It has a capacity of 3.6V 250mAh, and its thickness can be as thin as 0.5mm.

3) The battery can be designed in many shapes.

4) It can be made into a single high voltage. The liquid electrolyte battery can only get high voltage with several cells in series. The polymer battery, on the other hand, can be made into a multi-layer combination within a single cell to achieve high voltage because there is no liquid in itself.

5) For the discharge capacity, theoretically 10% higher than the same size of the li-polymer battery.

Advantages of lithium polymer battery.
Lithium polymer battery is also called polymer li-polymer battery. It has various advantages such as high specific energy, miniaturization, ultra-thin, lightweight, and safety. Based on these advantages, a li-polymer battery can be made in any shape and capacity. Thus, it can meet the needs of various products. It is also packaged in aluminum-plastic packaging. Problems inside can be immediately manifested through the outer packaging. Even if there is a safety hazard, it will not explode, but only bulge. In the li-polymer battery, the electrolyte plays the dual function of diaphragm and electrolyte. On the one hand, it acts like a diaphragm to separate the positive and negative materials so that self-discharge and short circuits do not occur inside the battery. On the other hand, it conducts lithium ions between the positive and negative electrodes like an electrolyte. Polymer electrolyte not only has good electrical conductivity. It also has the characteristics of light weight, good elasticity, and easy film formation, which are characteristic of polymer materials. It also responds to the development trend of chemical power supply with light quality, safety, high efficiency, and environmental protection.

li-polymer batteries are safer. This is especially important in the current era of rapid development of fast charging technology. This type of battery also has a low level of self-discharge, so it doesn’t drop a lot of charges when you’re not using it. However, this also brings a higher price, shorter life, and lower capacity density. Although, the lightweight nature of li-polymer batteries results in an overall better energy density.

Overall, the superior safety, form factor versatility, and weight attributes of LiPo have led to its widespread use in high-end and mid-range devices. And lithium polymer batteries are slowly replacing li-polymer batteries in the smartphone industry.

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