The principle of a li-polymer battery is the same as liquid lithium, the main difference is that the electrolyte is different from liquid lithium. The main structure of the battery includes three elements: a positive electrode, a negative electrode, and an electrolyte. The so-called lithium polymer battery means that at least one or more of these three main structures use polymer materials as the main battery system.

Ordinary lithium battery.
Ordinary li-polymer batteries commonly known as “lithium”, currently have a relatively good overall performance of the battery system. Li-polymer battery negative electrode is a carbon material, such as graphite. The positive electrode is a transition metal oxide containing lithium, such as LiMn2O4.

The advantages of li-polymer batteries:
1. High operating voltage, li-polymer battery operating voltage at 3.6V. This is three times the working voltage of NiCd and NiMH batteries.
2. High specific energy. The specific energy of li-polymer batteries has reached 140Wh/kg, which is 3 times of NiCd battery and 1.5 times of NiMH battery. 1.5 times NiCd battery.
3. Long cycle life. At present, the cycle life of li-polymer batteries has reached more than 1000 times, and in the low depth of discharge can reach tens of thousands of times, more than several other secondary batteries.
4. Small self-discharge. Li-polymer battery monthly self-discharge rate is only 6-8%, much lower than nickel-cadmium batteries (25-30%) and nickel-metal hydride batteries (30-40%).
5. No memory effect. It can be charged at any time according to the requirement without reducing the performance of the battery.
6. No pollution to the environment. Li-polymer batteries do not exist in harmful substances, are a veritable “green battery”.

Lithium polymer battery.
Lithium polymer battery is a newer generation of batteries, 1999 in large quantities on the market. Lithium polymer batteries, except for the electrolyte are a solid polymer, not a liquid electrolyte. The rest is the same as li-polymer batteries. The polymer electrolyte material is a general film consisting of a solution in which the main polymer, such as an oxide of polyethylene, acts as an immobile solvent. The advantage of lithium polymer batteries is that they can be made in any shape and are relatively light. This is because it does not contain heavy metals and has a plastic shell that keeps the electrolyte from leaking. They all perform better. Ideally, lithium polymer batteries have a capacity of several thousand mA/h and are safer. The solid electrolyte acts like a hermetically sealed gel and does not readily disintegrate naturally during the charging process.

Lithium polymer batteries are in the same volume as the lithium battery capacity. And no memory effect at all (li-polymer batteries still have a memory effect, just smaller). A lithium polymer battery is a gel-like substance. It is easy to make various shapes. And does not contain harmful heavy metal elements, is the “green battery”.

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