With the rapid development of the world economy, new energy has been the mainstream of the world. With the rapid development of China’s energy storage, new energy vehicles, and other industries, the demand for lithium batteries will continue to climb. And at the same time, with the rapid development of cell phones, electric vehicles, photovoltaic solar energy, power tools, digital cameras, home energy storage, and other industries, the demand for lithium batteries will continue to grow. The development of the lithium battery concept has a good prospect. Overall, energy storage batteries and power batteries both in the application scenario, performance requirements, service life, battery type, facing competition, and other aspects are quite different. Let’s look at the difference between an energy storage battery and a power battery in detail.

Application scenario.
Energy storage battery: mainly used for peak and frequency regulation power auxiliary services, renewable energy grid, microgrid, 3c, and other fields.

Power Battery: mainly used in electric vehicles, electric bicycles, and other electric tools.

Performance requirements.
Energy storage battery: the vast majority of energy storage devices do not need to move. Therefore, energy storage lithium batteries do not have direct requirements for energy density. For power density, different energy storage scenarios have different requirements. In terms of battery materials, it is important to focus on the expansion rate of materials, energy density, and uniformity of electrode material performance to achieve better service life and lower prices.

Power Battery: As a mobile power source, there are high requirements for energy density and power density. It can be divided into cells, modules, and components according to the shape of the product, power, and energy storage system. The electric cell is the core component of the power battery, which can be assembled into a complete battery pack and finally applied to the new energy vehicle.

Lifetime aspect.
Energy storage battery: the cycle time life of energy storage lithium battery is generally required to be able to be greater than 3500 times.

Power battery: the cycle time life of the power lithium battery is 1000-2000 times.

Battery type.
Energy storage batteries: the mainstream battery types are lithium iron phosphate and ternary lithium batteries. With the solution to the energy density of lithium iron phosphate batteries, lithium iron phosphate batteries account for the increase year by year.

Power Battery: for safety and economic considerations, the selection of lithium battery pack usually uses lithium iron phosphate batteries.

Face competition in terms of.
Energy storage battery: facing cost competition from traditional peaking and frequency regulation technology.

Power Battery: facing competition with the traditional fuel power source. After designing and configuring the control system for the discharge size of the lithium battery, it is possible to use the electric vehicle lithium battery as an energy storage lithium battery.

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