LiFePO4 batteries/pack has the advantages of high working voltage, high energy density, long cycle life, good safety performance, low self-discharge rate, and no memory effect. LiFePO4 batteries/pack is also widely used in the military field due to their good cycle life, safety, low-temperature performance, and other advantages. Next, let’s take a look at the industrial application of the LiFePO4 batteries/pack.

The application of LiFePO4 batteries/pack is a home storage level application.
In the field of energy storage battery applications, the most widely used in the future may be the Application of LiFePO4 batteries/pack, and the Application of LiFePO4 batteries/pack has various advantages. First of all, in terms of temperature resistance, the application of LiFePO4 batteries/pack is the most high-temperature resistant battery among all energy storage batteries, laying a solid foundation for safety and stability. Then, in terms of providing high-current discharge, although it is slightly worse than polymer lithium batteries, it is much better than lead-acid batteries. Therefore, the batteries used by many smart cargo trucks or robots used in warehousing and logistics are applications of LiFePO4 batteries/pack.

The application of LiFePO4 batteries/pack on the startup power supply.
In addition to the characteristics of power lithium batteries, the start-up LiFePO4 batteries/pack also can output high power instantaneously. It replaces traditional lead-acid batteries with power-type lithium batteries with energy less than a one-kilowatt hour and uses BSG motors to replace traditional starter motors and generators. Not only has the idling start-stop function, but also has the functions of engine shutdown and coasting, coasting and braking energy recovery, acceleration assist, and electric cruise.

Application of LiFePO4 batteries/pack in the energy storage market.
LiFePO4 batteries/pack have a series of unique advantages such as high working voltage, high energy density, long cycle life, low self-discharge rate, no memory effect, green environmental protection, etc. And LiFePO4 batteries/pack Lithium iron phosphate battery/pack supports step-less capacity expansion and is suitable for large-scale electric energy storage in renewable energy. LiFePO4 batteries/pack are good application prospects in the fields of safe grid connection of power generation, power grid peak regulation, distributed power stations, UPS power supply, and emergency power supply systems. According to the latest energy storage report recently released by GTM Research, an international market research institution, the application of grid-side energy storage projects in China in 2018 continued to increase the consumption of LiFePO4 batteries/pack.

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