Honor & Certificates: A Testament to Our Commitment

With high quality, competitive price, fast delivery and good service, the company has successfully expanded its market network to all parts of the world. Teamwork has made the company a leader in the battery field.

Shenzhen BAK Technology Co., Ltd: Elevating Standards with ISO 9001:2015 Certification

In the past, we have proven the quality level of our battery production directly with the batteries themselves. Of course, this takes time and a lot of trust. But now our quality is confirmed by ISO 9001:2015 certificate.
Therefore, our dearest colleagues, our wonderful partners, and users of our batteries! We at Shenzhen BAK Technology Co., Ltd are constantly pushing the boundaries of what we can do with the batteries we produce. And here’s the good news! We now have an ISO 9001:2015 certificate, which confirms what we have repeatedly said – namely, our batteries are first class! This certificate also obliges us to keep our word and maintain production at the stated level. By the way, we have had it since July 2019. Of course this is important. This certificate means that we are doing everything right. Namely, how we design batteries, how we produce them at the factory.

Of course, when we emphasize what this certificate tells you about us we don’t omit the little pressure we feel ourselves. It means we have a solid plan to make sure our batteries are as good as they can be. It’s like a promise that we’re serious about quality and keeping our customers happy.

This ISO thing isn’t just another piece of paper. It’s like a guarantee. It shows we’re committed to improving all the time. For our customers, it means they can trust us to deliver great products.

With our ISO-certified quality management, our customers get more than they expect. It’s all about reliable energy storage, batteries that work hard even in tough conditions, and cleaner energy solutions. This cert means everything we make is aimed at being dependable.

When we say “Shenzhen BAK Technology Co., Ltd” we mean “innovation”. It’s easy to boast about innovation on paper. But let’s remember that innovation must stand on the foundation of proven techniques, methodologies and traditions.
Therefore, we draw on our almost 20 years of experience to look for ways to make the design and production process more suitable for the needs of our customers, but at the same time, guaranteed to be good (proven over the years). Whether the production of lithium-ion batteries, polymer or lithium iron phosphate batteries – or whatever, we always have everything of super high quality. This ISO certification is our quality stamp, making sure every battery is reliable.

We don’t just make batteries; we’re helping to power the future responsibly. Every battery solution we create supports cleaner energy initiatives and sustainable practices. Everyone wants a greener planet, and we want it too. But we not just “want” – we “do”. We hope more and more companies can follow our lead and join.

As we keep innovating in the battery industry, we invite you to see the difference ISO 9001:2015 makes. Work with us, and let Shenzhen BAK Technology Co., Ltd power your projects with top-quality energy solutions.

ISO 14001:2015 - Shenzhen BAK Technology has it!

Here is the next big thing to share. We’re pretty excited to talk about something cool at Shenzhen BAK Technology Co., Ltd. We are confident and strive to preserve the health of our planet – this is a task for everyone, and especially for such large enterprises as ours, and especially in the production of lithium batteries.
How can we prove it? Yes Easy! Let us present it to you – our ISO 14001:2015 certificate. It confirms this on a global level. Of course, caring for the planet has always been important to us, even before receiving the certificate.
It’s just that now, since July 16, 2019, when we passed this test, we can now prove our words not only in practice, but also on paper. And thanks to what? Thanks to the hard work we put into our batteries here. For you. For myself. For the whole planet.

Of course yes! If someone asked us, the reaction will always be the same: step one – we proudly roll our eyes up, step two – we raise our chins, step three – we put our right palm on our hearts, step four – look into the distance with enthusiasm.
Jokes aside, International quality certificates are difficult to obtain. Especially from the British agency. Our special certificate is like a badge, like a medal. It should be worn with pride – which is what we do. Actually, that’s why we’re telling you.
And we tell this not only to attract new customers, we want our competitors to see it and also strive to take care of the blue ball – our wonderful planet, which we have alone.
Yes, sometimes it is not profitable, it is difficult, it is not easy. And the point is that we need to reduce the level of impact of production on the ecosystem, we need to comply with laws, we need to optimize production processes, we need to not only talk, but actually create better products. The future requires batteries, we – humanity – cannot refuse them, this is an indisputable fact, we need energy with us everywhere and everywhere and constantly. Therefore, it is important to produce batteries in a way that does not harm the planet.

Very simple. If green energy, a clean and environmentally friendly future are not just words for you, let’s be partners.
Today you choose our batteries and a factory that is committed to caring for the planet, and tomorrow you get more than just a product – tomorrow you get a green future. Together with you, we are becoming a leader in the production of environmentally friendly batteries. Isn’t this wonderful? This certification isn’t just for show. It means we’re always looking for ways to be better and make our operations greener, which means better, more innovative batteries for you.

Here’s how it works for us at Bak Technologies: the first component is the experience in the field of research and development, which we have been gaining for almost 20 years; the second component is the most stringent quality control, which corresponds to the world level, the kind of quality that is usually associated with German or American precision – world-class quality. The third component is special attention to creating batteries that will be exactly what you need, that will satisfy the needs of your business, and at the same time will not harm our wonderful, one and only planet.
As a result, from these ideas grows a modern technological miracle created by our hands for you – batteries that are designed for stable, predictable performance and a long service life. And they remain so even in the most difficult climatic conditions.

By sharing a large market share, we are also aware of our contribution on a global level. Therefore, we cannot stop there. And We don’t stop. It’s very important to continue to move forward, to continue to push the boundaries of what it means to lead by example, to be the best, to be a leader in the lithium battery industry.
That’s why our ISO 14001:2015 certificate, which we talk about so much here and pay so much attention to, is more than just a piece of paper covered with letters and a seal; it’s part of who we really are.

While our production capacity is growing year by year, the number of lithium iron phosphate batteries produced is also growing. We promise that environmentally friendly battery production will always be a priority for us, and compliance with ISO standards, of course, too. It pushes us toward bigger innovations while keeping our environmental duties in check. Join us on this sustainable journey, where every battery we make powers your needs and protects the world we all share.

Shenzhen BAK Technology Co., Ltd: Trusted and Verified

Good news every one! Please, hear us out – we are willing to share some great news, our Shenzhen BAK Technology Co., Ltd. has been recognized as an Alibaba.com Gold Plus Supplier! And more to it, wew are also recognized as an AUDITED SUPPLIER on made-in-china.com. Great, isn’t it?

It’s awesome! It means we passed a serious check-up by SGS. They looked at everything we do and said, “Yep, these folks are the real deal!” This helps us stand out on one of the biggest shopping sites around, Alibaba.com. When you see our products there, you can be sure they’re top-notch.

Oh, that’s another big win! It happened back on April 1, 2020. Bureau Veritas, they’re big shots in the inspection world, gave us a thumbs up. They checked us out thoroughly and were impressed. This badge is like a green light for anyone looking to work with us. It means we’re all about quality and transparency.

Let’s figure it out. You are choosing a factory to produce lithium batteries for your products, and if you didn’t have business with that factory yet, besides the cost of production, your main concern, something you want to make sure about in advance, to know before signing the contract – whether the factory is trustworthy, right?
We understand it. That’s why we expand our circle of contacts and reach other businesses you probably trust, to prove that we’re committed to excellence. Then when we talk business we can just focus on making what is right for your gadgets, energy storage, or anything else, instead of spending your time on proving we are the right bet.

It’s simple. These honors tell you we’re reliable. They say that our products, like our lithium-ion and polymer batteries, aren’t just good; they’re manufactured under the strictest standards. Plus, dealing with us is easy and worry-free.

Companies that want peace of mind go for suppliers that are checked and approved. It’s not just about getting a product. It’s about getting a product that comes with reliability and a stamp of approval. That’s what these honors offer.

We’re not stopping here! We’ll keep working hard, improving our tech, and making sure we deserve these honors every single day. Stick with us, and you’ll see just how committed we are to bringing you the best.


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