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BAKTH has a comprehensive range of battery solutions designed to meet customer requirements for performance, efficiency and durability. The reduction in replacement batteries makes it simple to upgrade from lead-acid batteries to lithium-ion batteries.

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For us, the world of golf is both a world of elite sports and a world of elite hobbies. Here precision strikes meet a leisurely pace of life. And there is something else that has changed the rules of the game in recent decades – technology, of course. Starting from technologies for the production of sports equipment, preparation of the field for play, and right down to methods of
movement between holes.
Our specialization is closely related to the latter – we at BAK Technologies develop and produce custom batteries for golf carts on an industrial scale. Note that our lithium power supplies fit perfectly into golf carts, like a ball fits a hole in hole-in-one.
We do not copy other people’s solutions, but do our own research, so our lithium and LiFePO4 batteries are the result of our developments. Our R&D team puts every effort into understanding the game from the inside, to get a feel for what exactly it is for the players.
It sounds, of course, a little pompous, because a golf cart is just a means of transportation, and the battery in it is only part of the functionality. But it’s these little things that make up the overall impression of the entire weekend in the field.
Our team focuses on creating batteries that aren’t just reliable, but perfectly aligned with the nuances of golf cart usage. Whether it’s a casual round at the local club or a professional tournament, our batteries make sure that golf carts are always ready to roll.
What makes our batteries stand out? It’s their extended runtime and lightweight nature. Imagine this: you’re halfway through the back nine, and your cart’s battery is still going strong, even after several hours. Plus, the lighter weight means your cart handles better and moves faster, all while putting less strain on the turf. It’s about getting more from your game without any hassle.
Safety is another cornerstone of our designs. With our rigorous quality control processes and robust certifications, we ensure that every battery not only meets but exceeds safety standards.
This dedication to quality means you can focus on your swing, not on battery safety.
And let’s talk about those early morning tee times or late afternoon rounds. Sometimes the weather can let us down and suddenly deteriorate contrary to the predictions of meteorologists.
But it doesn’t matter, because our batteries are designed for any weather conditions. And if it happens that it rains like buckets during the game, a golf cart with our batteries will quickly take you to a dry and safe place. So rest easy the next time you’re planning a day off in the fields, whether it’s a humid morning or a soaking wet evening. Our batteries are designed to enhance your gaming experience. Enjoy your favorite game longer and safer.

A battery is the heart of a drone. At BAK Technologies, every innovation begins with a story, much like the one unfolding high above the clouds, where our specially engineered batteries empower drones to soar to new heights. Imagine a world where drones glide through the sky, unhindered and efficient, thanks to the cutting-edge lithium and LiFePO4 batteries crafted by our team. These batteries aren’t just products; they are keys to unlocking the vast potential of aerial technology.
Our journey of innovation starts in the meticulous labs of BAK Technologies, where our experts pour over every detail, considering the unique demands of drone manufacturers. It’s a narrative of precision and dedication, where every battery variant we create is a testament to our commitment to quality and performance. These are not just batteries; they are the lifeblood of drones, enabling longer flights and heavier payloads while maintaining a feather-light touch that defies gravity.
As drones ascend beyond the ordinary, facing high altitudes and the wrath of varied weather conditions, our batteries stand resilient. Each unit undergoes rigorous safety tests, a saga of resilience that ensures each flight is as safe as it is efficient. Our certifications are not merely stamps of approval but chapters of trust that we write together with our partners and clients.
In the realm of drone operations, where every ounce of weight and every watt of power counts, our batteries emerge as champions of reliability and power. They are not merely components; they are the heartbeats of complex, sky-bound orchestras. Let’s dream about what it will be like if you choose us as your partner in charge of your battery package. This is a light and compact
drone that deftly avoids obstacles and comes to the finish line first, powered by a BAK battery.
Or a medium-sized drone, carrying a camera, capturing breathtaking views. These frames go viral and become exhibits in galleries and screensavers on desktops. Or a powerful cargo drone transports vital supplies, a lazy sun sets on the horizon – a serene working day, predictable in the details. Partly due to the stable reliability of the equipment. We keep this powerful image of the harmony of technology and nature in our minds.
Innovation for us is expanding the boundaries of reality, increasing the list of what is possible these days. We invite you to join us as we look forward to your participation in this tale of innovation and discovery in the incredible world of cutting-edge technology. With BAK Technologies, your passion for drone technology is not just understood but powerfully enabled.

On the vast, open water, where the horizon stretches endlessly, the electric boats powered by BAK Technologies’ batteries carve their paths with unmatched efficiency and reliability. Each battery designed for marine use is a chapter of innovation, crafted to address the unique demands of the aquatic world.
Our narrative dives deep into the heart of electric boats, where stability and efficiency are paramount. BAK batteries lighten the vessel, allowing for smoother navigation and extended cruising ranges. Imagine gliding over a glassy lake, the silence only broken by the gentle splash of water against the hull, your journey made longer and more sustainable through our advanced power solutions.
Safety holds a particularly crucial place in our marine story. Certified to meet rigorous standards, our batteries offer more than just power—they provide peace of mind. Boaters can trust in the reliability of their craft, knowing it’s equipped to handle the unpredictable moods of marine environments, from quiet docks to tempestuous seas.
But the mastery of BAK batteries extends beyond mere functionality. Engineered to resist the corrosive kiss of saltwater and excel in wet conditions, they stand as bulwarks against the elements. Whether it’s a serene lake or the challenging open sea, our batteries are not merely components; they are steadfast companions in every aquatic adventure.
Wherever you set sail on: Silent Seas or White Water, we empower your marine dreams with BAK Batteries!

Customized Solutions

Lithium battery systems are high cycle life maintenance free solutions for energy storage batteries with fully customizable features to meet any customer requirement. The battery size is suitable for standard power lead-acid batteries while meeting battery weight requirements.

Customers tell us the specifications of the batteries what they need, and our engineers will design and evaluate the corresponding battery solutions. It includes application-specific battery chemistries and smart battery management electronics.

Modern society is inseparable from electronic products, and lithium-ion batteries are inseparable from small mobile phones to large communication base stations.

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Customized Solutions with Precision Engineering

Here at BAK Technologies we design with care. We make sure it matches exactly what our customers need. Plus, we keep quality top-notch at every step. Here’s a look at how we work, step by step.

General Business Process Simplified

We start by listening to you. You tell us exactly what kind of battery solution you’re looking for, and we take note of every detail.

Next, our engineers roll up their sleeves. They use your requirements to design a battery that fits just right. Every detail matters, no detail is overlooked.

Quality is the main priority. Over decades of existence, we have developed our own unique, detailed quality control system. It is applied already at the equirements gathering stage. And the process does not stop until the goods are shipped to the recipient.

Detailed Workflow Steps

In the heart of our approach lies a deep dive into understanding your needs. This step isn’t just the start; it’s the cornerstone of our quality assurance (QA) journey. We listen closely, capturing every detail of what you envision for your battery solution.
This step is more than just taking notes; our goal is to comprehend the essence of your requirements. This thorough understanding ensures that the solutions we craft aren’t just close fits. For us it’s important that we produce batteries, tailored precisely to your specifications. In this meticulous process of aligning with your vision, our commitment to delivering excellence begins.

Our purchasing team plays a key role here. They’re on a mission to find materials that meet our high standards.
Why? Because great products start with great materials. This step makes sure that the base of everything we build is strong and reliable. It’s no secret that high quality lithium ion batteries require high quality components. Selection, search and ordering of the highest quality components is a strong and reliable foundation on which the entire product will be built.
Procurement of materials, as well as other steps, is very important for the production of selected premium lithium batteries. It setts the stage for everything that follows.

You trust us to power your world, and we take that seriously.
Inward Quality Control (IQC), is where our commitment to excellence becomes tangible.
Once materials arrive, they don’t just walk in the door; they pass through a rigorous checkpoint.
This isn’t about ticking boxes; it’s a meticulous examination to ensure everything meets our top-tier standards.
Why is this crucial, especially for lithium batteries?
These batteries power everything from daily gadgets to crucial medical devices. Billions of people around the world depend on it.
A tiny flaw can lead to big problems. That’s why we take no chances.
We insure: each material is scrutinized for quality, consistency, and safety.
This isn’t just about us; it’s about delivering reliability to you, our customer.
This step in our process is about building trust, layer by layer. By ensuring every component is up to par, we’re not just making batteries; we’re crafting peace of mind.
This rigorous quality control means you get products that are not only powerful but also safe and dependable. When you choose our lithium batteries, you choose a product that’s been through the gauntlet for quality, all to bring you the best.

Design is the backbone of engineering. In this step, your requirements take shape in the form of blueprints, diagrams, and drawings.
Here’s how it unfolds: Blueprint Creation; Design Review; Integration.
Blueprint Creation. We take your specifications and translate them into a detailed blueprint. This is the roadmap for your battery’s journey from concept to reality.
Design Review. Our engineering team reviews the design precisely. They ensure every aspect aligns with your needs and our quality standards.
Integration. This is the magic moment. Your specs become an integral part of the product design. We ensure the final battery is a perfect fit for your requirements.
Why does this matter for lithium battery production? Well, lithium batteries are not one-size-fits-all, they must operate under different conditions, sometimes even extreme.
This process is about transforming your expectations into engineering reality.
At the design stage, we take into account not only the requirements you voiced, but also international standards and requirements for batteries and accumulators. We know that design in engineering is extremely important. You know this too. The safety of using batteries, their reliability and stability, and durability too depend on this.
We strive to exceed expectations and achieve a wow effect among our partners.

It’s where the first version of your battery comes under the spotlight for a thorough check-up.
Think of it as the battery’s first major test before we proceed further. This inspection is where we match the actual product against all the criteria we’ve agreed upon. This step is rigorous, but necessary.
We ensure that the battery will perform safely and efficiently in the real world.
This initial review is our way of making sure that the battery we’re crafting for you is on track to meet your needs and our standards.
The goal is to catch any potential issues early on. This way, we can make any necessary adjustments before moving into full production. It’s a crucial safeguard, ensuring that the final product you receive is not just good but perfect for your needs. This attention to detail is how we maintain trust and deliver excellence, every single time.

This step ensures our production line operates like a well-oiled machine. We’ve set up a continuous monitoring system that keeps an eye on every stage of the manufacturing process.
This system is our guardian. It ensures that every step, from the initial assembly to the final touches, meets our high-quality standards and remains uniform throughout.
In the world of lithium battery production, consistency is key. Each battery needs to come out of the line meeting the same high standards, reliable for the end-user.
We equipped our monitoring system with the latest technology to spot any deviations in real-time. It allows us to make immediate corrections. This vigilance ensures that every battery produced under our roof is a testament to our commitment to excellence.
This step is crucial because it’s about more than maintaining quality; it’s about building trust.
When customers choose our batteries, they’re investing in a promise of reliability and performance.
Our process control during manufacturing is how we uphold that promise, ensuring that every battery we produce is worthy of carrying our name and powering your world.

We ensure every product is rigorously evaluated to meet our gold-standard before it reaches you.

BAK Technology provides you with the support and assistance you need, ensuring your complete satisfaction.

We promise to deal with any problems that do not meet our standards. Adjustments occur quickly and clearly, in accordance with the regulations and our agreement with you.
Together these steps are our manifesto of quality. Individually and collectively, they reflect our unwavering commitment to product reliability, customer satisfaction and continuous improvement in technology and manufacturing.