There are many kinds of LiFePO4 batteries/packs on the market, and the quality is also uneven. If you do not choose a good LiFePO4 batteries/pack and buy a LiFePO4 batteries pack of poor quality, it will also be harmful to later use. Next, I will teach you how to choose good quality LiFePO4 batteries pack.

What are the tips for purchasing LiFePO4 batteries pack?

First of all, LiFePO4 batteries pack products can be judged by their packaging and appearance. Although the appearance of general products is deceptive to a certain extent, some inferior products can also be screened out from the appearance. Secondly, the weight of the LiFePO4 batteries pack is proportional to the capacity. If it is a polymer LiFePO4 batteries pack, if the weight difference is too large, the capacity will be insufficient, but there are differences in the capacity of some batteries themselves. In addition, you can also perceive whether the battery weight is relatively heavy from the outer packaging. If it is heavy, it will prefer high-quality LiFePO4 batteries pack.

The test method to judge the fast performance of the LiFePO4 batteries pack is to test the internal resistance and large discharge current. Good quality LiFePO4 batteries/pack with very small internal resistance and large discharge current. Using a multimeter with a range of 20A, directly short-circuit the two electrodes of the LiFePO4 batteries pack, the current should generally be around 10A, or even higher, and it can last for some time. A fairly stable battery is a good battery. In addition, during the charging process of the LiFePO4 batteries pack, if the two poles of the battery don’t come hot after nonstop discharge for about 10 twinkles, it proves that the battery protection board system is perfect. Generally, the quality of the L LiFePO4 batteries/pack with a high-quality protection board is better than that of the ordinary LiFePO4 batteries pack.

Matters needing attention when purchasing LiFePO4 batteries pack

Some issues must be paid attention to when purchasing a LiFePO4 batteries pack, including the choice of brand and understanding of price trends. These are all things that must be investigated before purchasing LiFePO4 batteries pack. Below I will introduce in detail how to buy LiFePO4 batteries pack.

First, is the ambient temperature problem. For the use of rechargeable batteries, the impact of ambient temperature on battery life is often ignored. In an environment where the temperature is too high or the temperature is too low, the self-discharge rate of the battery will be much higher, especially if the high temperature will greatly reduce the battery life. Therefore, it is necessary to communicate with the engineer as much as possible before buying, and giving your equipment or use environment, so that the performance of the battery can be better played.

Second, whether the LiFePO4 batteries pack is equipped with a safety protection circuit board. Without a defensive circuit board, the lithium battery is at threat of distortion, leakage, and explosion. Under the vicious price-cutting competition, colorful companies seek lower-priced protection circuit boards, or forget this device each, making the request full of lithium batteries in peril of explosion. Consumers cannot tell whether there’s a defensive circuit board from the appearance, so it’s stylish to choose an estimable trafficker to buy from.

Third, choose the right brand of LiFePO4 batteries pack. Choose a lithium battery brand according to your actual needs. As for which brand is more suitable for your product, it depends on the actual use. LiFePO4 batteries pack has the advantages of high energy density, small size, lightweight, safety and environmental protection, long service life and good high-temperature performance.

Fourth, evaluate the price of the LiFePO4 batteries/pack. In the Internet era, we can wholesale LiFePO4 batteries/packs through many B2C information platforms. Buyers can go online to see the price quotations of different types of LiFePO4 batteries/packs. Of course, you don’t have to order online, you can first understand its price, so as not to be fooled by others. The price of LiFePO4 batteries/pack varies greatly depending on the brand. Therefore, the wholesale of LiFePO4 batteries packs should be compared and understood more.

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