Energy storage mainly refers to the storage of electrical energy. Energy storage batteries on high-power occasions generally use lead-acid batteries. Its main use is for emergency power, battery car, and power plant surplus energy storage. Small power occasions also use dry batteries that can be recharged repeatedly: such as nickel-hydrogen batteries, lithium-ion batteries, etc. Let’s look at energy storage and energy storage batteries compared to power cells.

The difference between energy storage batteries and battery.

1) Different raw materials: energy storage batteries are chemical device that converts the chemical energy of a fuel directly into electricity. It is also known as an electrochemical generator. Use fuel and oxygen as raw materials. The battery is the storage of chemical energy, when necessary to release the electrical energy of an electrochemical device. A lead substrate grid (also called a lattice) filled with a lead sponge is used as the negative electrode. The lead substrate grid filled with lead dioxide is used as the positive electrode, and dilute sulfuric acid with a density of 1.26–1.33g/ml/ml is used as the electrolyte. This is the biggest difference between energy storage batteries and power batteries. So when you choose to buy batteries, you should also buy them according to your requirements for charging and power.

2) The working principle is different: the energy storage battery is according to the electrochemical principle, That is, the principle of the primary battery. The isothermal chemical energy is stored in the fuel and oxidizer directly into electricity, so the actual process is a redox reaction. When the battery is charged, external electric energy is used to regenerate the internal active material. And the electric energy is stored as chemical energy, and when it is discharged. The chemical energy is again converted into electric energy and output.

Energy storage battery and power battery.

There is a difference between the energy-type battery and the power-type battery used in energy storage systems. If we take a professional athlete as an example. The power-type battery is like a sprinter with good explosive power. He can release high power in a short time. The energy battery is more like a marathon runner. He has a high energy density and can provide longer usage time with one charge.

Another feature of energy storage batteries is their long life. This is very important for energy storage systems. Eliminating the diurnal peak-to-valley difference is the main application scenario of the energy storage system. And the product usage time directly affects the projected revenue.

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