The li-polymer battery is a new concept battery emerging from the battery industry. It has a particularly high energy reserve efficiency. But its volume can be compressed very small. That is to say, it does not take up the space of electronic products in the case of superb power storage capacity. Lithium polymer batteries use lithium, a metal material, as the internal charge.

First charge.

  1. When charging for the first time, please ensure that it is fully charged within 5-6 hours. Because the li-polymer battery factory has not been used and has not experienced charging and discharging, the charging time should not be too long.
  2. Do not let the li-polymer battery completely deplete its power during the first charge. Usually, new lithium polymer batteries do not have too much or too little power. By the time you reach the last gate, you are ready to charge.
  3. For the first charge, choose daytime charging. Charging at night is prone to overcharging and damaging the battery. It is easy to control the charging time during the day, so pay attention to the time when charging.
  4. In the summer if the polymer lithium-ion battery is charged for the first time, the charger may appear quickly and the heat is very high. Therefore, the charger should not be placed on objects that are prone to burning and heat. It is best not to place the battery in the seat of the car to prevent fire.

When the battery is charged for the second time, you can choose to discharge it deeply and then charge it for a long time. This charging can last 8-9 hours or even 10 hours. This allows the chemistry of the ternary polymer lithium-ion battery to carry out a complete charging cycle.

Daily Charging.

  1. When charging the Li-polymer battery, the charger is best to choose the original special charger. Otherwise, it will affect or damage the li-polymer battery.
  2. When charging Li-polymer batteries, it is best to charge them gradually. Try to avoid fast charging, repeated charging and discharging will also affect the life of the li-polymer battery.
  3. The phone is not used for more than 7 days. The li-polymer battery will be fully sufficient before use, the li-polymer battery has a self-discharge phenomenon.
  4. Li-polymer battery charging time is not the longer the better. For ordinary chargers, when the li-polymer battery is full should immediately stop charging. Otherwise, the li-polymer battery will affect the battery’s performance due to heat or overheating.
  5. After charging the li-polymer battery, try to avoid leaving it on the charger for more than 10 hours. If not used for a long time should do the phone and li-polymer battery separation.

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